Why Cooperstown is a place to invest in your future

A couple of years ago, the Coopers Rock electric cooperative in the city of Aiken, South Carolina, became the first electric cooperative operating in the United States to earn a state-mandated dividend.

Since then, Cooperstown has grown by more than 150% and now boasts more than 10,000 employees.

While many of those employees are young and attractive, there’s also a strong community of people who care about the cooperative and want to contribute to its success.

“We are the perfect place for people of all ages and backgrounds to get together, to network and to get out and live a fulfilling life,” says co-owner Mike DeWitt.

“Cooperstown is really a place where you can be a part of something bigger.”

What you need to know about the electric cooperative boom In 2017, Cooperington, South Africa, became one of the fastest-growing communities in the country when it became the second-largest electric cooperative by population.

Since it opened in 2005, Cooper-Town has become a destination for young people from across South Africa and beyond to meet and connect.

“I don’t think anyone is aware of how many young people are involved in this industry,” DeWits says.

“You’re seeing young people who have never met anyone from the electric cooperatives before.

They come in here and they get to meet a lot of really good people.”

In 2017 alone, CooperTown saw more than 1,100 young people join the cooperative, many of whom are graduates of the University of South Africa’s Cooperstown College of Business.

While the number of students graduating from CooperTown is increasing, DeWetts is optimistic about the future.

“With the growth of this cooperative, the Cooperstown campus has become more and more attractive,” he says.

DeWittens believes that by attracting more students and graduates to CooperTown, the cooperative can help it grow in the future as well.

“They are going to continue to grow,” he explains.

“And they are going the right direction.”

CooperTowns growing community and alumni network A new generation of students and young professionals are joining the CooperTown alumni network, which DeWatts says has grown over the past three years.

“The CooperTown community has become very much a global hub,” he adds.

“This has really accelerated our growth.”

The CooperTown group is comprised of more than 5,000 members, many from the U.S., who all share a common interest and common passion.

These members have been active in the Cooper-town community since the 1970s and are in high demand for job training and other career-related opportunities.

“It’s not just a young person that wants to come to Coopertown.

There’s a lot more people out there that want to join us,” De Witt says.

While CooperTown graduates have always been attracted to Cooper-stown, De Wits says that a strong, dedicated alumni network has helped CooperTown attract more young people.

“There’s not only young people wanting to come and work here, there are a lot younger people coming from around the world who want to be part of CooperTown and work with the people who are here,” he said.

“If you look at the alumni network that CooperTown has, it’s a really strong community and it’s very diverse, so it’s really going to benefit CooperTown.”

Cooperstowns commitment to community service While Coopertowns dedication to community involvement is a major part of its success, it also plays a significant role in its success as an electric cooperative.

De Wishes that Cooperstown could have more of a commitment to public service and that its alumni community would have more opportunities to serve others.

“For us, the biggest thing we want to do is really create a community where we can provide a community service,” he explained.

“When people come in to Cooperstown and they have no experience, they need to have that experience.

They need to be able to learn from people.

They want to make friends, they want to have a good time and have a great time.

So Cooperstown needs to provide that.”

Coopertown has a lot to offer for anyone who wants to get involved in its community.

De Wooditt says that Coopertown is one of a number of companies in the electric sector that are looking for a way to help their employees.

“A lot of the companies are looking to get into this market, and Cooperstown fits into that category,” he noted.

“Its a place that we think is a great fit.

It’s a place for you to get the education, the training, the skills and the experience, and the company is looking to have all of that,” De Woodits adds.

CooperTown also has a strong alumni network.

In addition to its alumni group, Coopertown also has its own volunteer staff.

With its community service initiatives, Cooper Towns commitment to providing the right level of support for its employees is evident in the fact