Why coopers brewery has a mental health crisis

Coopers Brewing Company in Wisconsin is one of three Wisconsin breweries that has an outbreak of a mental illness that’s affecting about 2,000 people.

In a statement, the Coopers brewery said: “Coopers is committed to ensuring that our brewery and the people we work with have the health and wellness care they need and deserve.

We are working with our physicians and mental health professionals to address this ongoing health crisis.”

The Wisconsin Department of Health says there have been two cases of coronavirus in the Coppers Brewery since the end of April, including a man who tested positive for the virus in late April and died in a hospital.

Coopers said in a statement the company has seen a “significant increase in new cases” since the beginning of May, but that the illness has not impacted operations.

The brewery said it was taking steps to make sure it has all the necessary equipment and supports for its employees to care for patients, including in-house respiratory support.

Coppers is notifying all affected employees.

Cooperatives health officials say the illness affects people of all ages and professions, but the majority of Coopers employees are older than 65.

In April, the brewery reported another case of coronivirus.

The infection was linked to a person in Coopers Hill who tested negative for the illness.

The hospital in which that person was admitted tested positive again in early May, according to the brewery.