Which players from the ‘Cooperatives United’ will make it to Cooperatives United’s first season?

With all the big names in the game now retired and a number of new players joining, the Cooperatives Union is hoping to make the leap into the world of competitive gaming.

It has recruited a team of five players to join the newly-formed organisation.

It is looking to recruit four players who have not yet played a match and three players who are in their first season of competitive games, and have already started playing.

It will then invite players from each of these three categories to participate in its first season.

It also plans to offer a trial period of five to seven weeks to players who want to play the first season, which will be open to all players from all over the UK.

It says that there are currently approximately 20 players in the UK who are active on the team, but is looking for players from more regions, and will be adding more over time.

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What players do you think will make the most of their new experience?

And what is next for the organisation?

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