What’s happening with the co-op extension service?

A co-operative extension provider has been told its extension service will be closed after a meeting with the provincial government.

The Co-op Extension Service was set up in 2015 to allow people to extend their co-ops.

However, a spokesperson for the service told CBC News the co of the coop extension was unable to find the funding to keep the service open.

The spokesperson said the co co-operatives had been told the extension service was cancelled on Thursday.

The co-ordinator for the coops told CBC the service was being closed because the co owners couldn’t find the funds to keep it running.

“We had hoped that we could continue operating that service as a co-ooperative extension for a little while longer, but unfortunately the co members who have been on the job for a while have been unable to secure the funds,” said the spokesperson.

“The service is no longer available and we do not expect it to reopen any time soon.”

The spokesperson did not elaborate on why the service had been cancelled.

The Ontario Co-operative Credit Union said on Thursday that it has already cancelled its extension loan to two co-owners of co-owned businesses, including a couple that have been with the credit union for decades.

The bank said it had received no notice from the co and would not be providing the loan to any co-owner until the co’s financial situation improves.