What will it take to win the battle for the Irish bank?

RTE Sport 2 has learned that the first phase of the battle to save Ireland’s bank will be held on Tuesday, October 6th at 8am at the Bank of Ireland in Dublin.

The day will be a “special day”, as the bank’s creditors are demanding that it give up its €2.5bn loan and that it be sold.

The bank has not yet confirmed its plans for the day, but said it will be open to discussions.

It will be one of the largest protests in Ireland’s history, with a “protest team of more than 500 people” set to march to the bank on the bankside.

It is understood that the rally will start at 8:30am, with more than 100 people expected.

The Bank of Irish Republic has said it would prefer to save the bank, but it cannot do so alone.

The Government has said that the bank must sell its assets and “return to the community”.

In a statement, the bank said that it has “received overwhelming support” from the Irish public and the Irish Government and is “currently negotiating” with a range of stakeholders.

A representative for the National Farmers Union, who is also a member of the “protesters team”, said the meeting will take place on Monday, October 5th.

“There is a real desire on the part of the public and Irish Government to have the bank sold to the public, as we are still in a period of transition,” he said.

“It would be a disaster if the Bank was sold at auction.

We have already spoken to the Government about how we can ensure that this bank is sold for a fair price.”

A spokesman for the European Central Bank said that its position was unchanged.

The National Farmers’ Union said that this was a “historic day for the bank” and called for a “reluctance” on selling the bank.

It said that Ireland’s banks are “in crisis”, with debts as high as €200bn.

“They are the safest financial institutions in the world,” said the union’s chief executive, Brian Kelly.

“This bank was established for the community to do business, but in this period of financial crisis it has become a safe haven for criminals and fraudsters.

We are calling on all the stakeholders to put their interests first and get the bank back on the market.”

Irish Independent