What you need to know about cooperatives in California

In the first two weeks of the new year, cooperative learning opportunities will be offered to employees at the Coopers Coffee Company in Santa Monica, according to the company.The cooperative is owned by Cooperatives California, a cooperative education group.Cooperatives California’s co-founder and president, Scott Hines, said the cooperative’s efforts were […]

Coffee: A Coppin’ Coffee Company Is Already a Startup!

By Sarah VoisinAssociated PressTechnology is changing the way we live, work, and play.From the way people work, talk, and communicate to how we consume products and services, technology is transforming the way the world works.Cooperativa is an Austin, Texas-based coffee shop and bar company that has been around for seven […]

Which cooperative extension companies are here to stay?

As the cooperative extension market has grown in recent years, some of the companies that have come to dominate it have become dominant, but others have seen their shares fall or come under pressure from competitors.┬áIn a recent survey by Cooperative Extension, we looked at the number of cooperative extension […]