How Cooperatives are changing the way we work

Cooperatives have changed the way businesses work.From small shops to multinational companies, it’s all about people working together and sharing value.Cooperatives can offer us a sense of community and a sense that we can really get along with each other.But what is a co-operative?And why should we trust them?ABC News […]

What’s in a name? Dictionary definitions

Dictionary definitions | medical journal article Coopers Bar Cooperative Extension Service, Coopers is a cooperative extension of the University of Minnesota Cooperative Extension.The service provides assistance to the residents of the St. Paul area with heating, electricity, and sewerage.Cooperative Extension Services are designed to provide the residents with a safe […]

How to buy an electric vehicle with a credit card

As the industry expands and electric vehicle sales rise, the cost of owning an electric car will fall even more, especially if you are willing to pay for the battery pack that is often required.The cost of battery packs is falling.The prices of battery chargers are dropping.The costs of inverters […]

How to stop your friends from calling you a bitch

COOPERATI is the abbreviation for co-operative extension.It stands for cooperative community, and is a way of saying you are part of a community.Co-operative Extension Service (COAS) is a service that helps you stay connected to your co-op.It can be used to get information on co-ops and support groups.But it can […]