Spanish police detain Catalan activists who blocked access to police station in Madrid

Spanish police have arrested a group of Catalan activists in the Spanish capital, Madrid, after they blocked access at a police station to the Madrid police headquarters.

The arrests came after Catalan regional President Carles Puigdemont and other officials had urged Puigdeon to release a number of detained journalists.

The Spanish news agency, Radio Clarin, said the protesters were detained by the regional prosecutor’s office in Madrid and detained overnight on suspicion of obstructing the operation of the police.

The Catalan government says the arrests were politically motivated.

The activists had called on Puigdemont to release the journalists after they were released from custody by Madrid police in late May.

The group had also urged Puigs administration to hold public hearings on a bill which would allow the Catalan government to dissolve the Catalan Parliament.

Spanish authorities have been battling to restore public order after a series of demonstrations in the region in recent weeks.