How China is using solar power to power millions of homes

by SITA SHANKARANUTIA, New Delhi (Reuters) – China is the world’s largest solar power consumer and a key market for energy-intensive solar plants.But a growing number of Chinese companies are building solar-based power plants and concentrating on generating power from biomass instead.China’s biggest solar company, China National Nuclear Corp, has […]

How to get into the Coopers Craft Bourbon craze

You might have seen the word ‘coopers’ on the labels of a number of brands including: Coopers,Coopers Craft,Cooper’s.¬†But for some, it’s more than just the name on the bottle.¬†Coopers craft whisky was created by the brothers John and Jim Coopers in 1969, and they’ve since enjoyed a successful 30-year run […]

How Tesla has made it easier to share electricity

The company has created an ecosystem of cooperatives, small businesses, and other companies to help it reach more customers in remote communities.Its Tesla Powerwall battery electric home energy storage system, for example, is designed for those who don’t have the space or resources to rent or buy an electric car, […]

Which is better: a cooperative or a farm?

Cooperatives are a great way to start your own business.You can build a farm or a cooperative.There are a lot of different types of cooperatives and there are also some types of farmers cooperatives.But there is one thing that has never changed: the concept of coop.What is a cooperative?Cooperative means […]