Which Co-ops are Right for You?

Co-opting is the act of using the same property and workers as another co-op, but using it in ways that are different.The co-ops that I’ve talked to and worked with have used this to great effect in their communities.It has allowed them to build a network, expand their business, and […]

Why are companies buying bitcoin?

Coopers and Lybrand, a San Francisco-based bitcoin exchange, announced that it has acquired its first-ever customer, bitcoin payments company Coopers.The purchase of the company comes after Coopers saw its trading volume drop in early March, with bitcoin dropping from about $6,000 per day to about $2,000.Coopers is now on track […]

How to make a coffee roaster

Coffee roasters are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of using a coffee grinder to grind coffee beans, according to a recent survey. One of the more popular choices among roasters is the Cooperativa Latina Raleigh. According to the Cooper atlas, the Latina is a small-scale roaster, and one that produces a […]

What do you think of Cooper Cooper Jobs?

The Cooper Cooper Cooper jobs company is celebrating its 25th anniversary in a big way.The company says that it has now made $5 billion in profit and is one of the most profitable cooperatives in the world.The Cooper cooperative has a massive portfolio of electricity projects, including one that is […]