New report: New COVID-19 Outbreak at Coopers Bbq restaurant

The latest COVID update is coming to us from Coopers Beach, a popular joint in Santee, California, which recently reported its first case of COVID.

Coopers Marine Grill & Bar, located at 1726 E. Santee Blvd., posted a photo of its owners, Paul and Jennifer P. DeHiro, in the dining room with a letter in the window that read, “We are now at the end of the season and it is our first time in a long time that we have reported COVID.”

The couple was in the restaurant for about 20 minutes when they noticed a person in the bathroom, who they later determined was a worker.

According to a post by the restaurant’s Facebook page, they called 911 and were able to determine that the patient was a client who had come in on Tuesday for a joint checkup.

The DeHires said that they were “very worried” about the incident, and that they are “very proud of the staff that we brought in for this.”

They said that it was a very good day for them and their family, and the employees “worked extremely hard.”

“They’re here because of the love and the hard work that we put in,” Paul DeHire said in the post.

The couple, who are in their late 50s and are both co-owners of the restaurant, have been working for the restaurant in the hospitality industry for nearly 20 years, and they said that the restaurant has always been an important part of their lives.

“We feel fortunate that the community has shown support,” Paul said.

“People love us and we love them, and it’s something that we’ve always done well.

We love the food, we love the atmosphere and we really appreciate the people who have worked here for the past 20 years.”

Coopers Pints & Drinks, a chain owned by Paul De Hire and Jennifer DeHiring, said that their restaurant has a long history of providing hospitality and is an integral part of the community.

“The Coopers family is dedicated to the health and well-being of our guests and employees,” a spokesperson for Coopers said in a statement.

“Our team of employees is always ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

We encourage you to contact our team at 1-800-742-8880 to speak with an experienced staff member about any of our services.”

The restaurant’s Twitter account posted a link to a video showing employees cleaning up after the first case and said that, as of Tuesday morning, the restaurant was operating normally.

“Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our team, we were able help our patrons and customers around the world, which includes the world’s leading food service brands, on the first day of the new season,” the video read.

“As we look forward to the new year, we can’t wait to continue serving our loyal customers with delicious, fresh food that will keep them coming back for more.”

The new COVID infection outbreak has hit some of the country’s biggest hotels, including the Golden Nugget, which has been closed and has been evacuated, as well as the Hyatt Regency, which is closed.

As of Monday morning, there were no confirmed cases of COV-19 at the Hyatts, and according to the California Department of Public Health, the state has reported no confirmed deaths from the disease.

As a result, the hotel and the Hy-Town, which houses the hotel, will reopen as normal.

“This is a serious issue for us,” a Hyatt spokesperson said in an email.

“To ensure that our guests are safe and feel comfortable at all times, we have closed the hotel until further notice.

We will be working closely with state and federal officials as they continue to investigate this case.”

The Hyatts is owned by Hilton Worldwide, which was the first hotel to report a case of the virus, and has received more than 1,000 calls of concern from guests since the virus hit the hotel chain.

In addition to the hotel shuttering, Hyatt said that more than 40 employees at the hotel will be on a mandatory three-day leave to address the issue.

“At the HyATT Regency we are committed to providing our guests with the very best in hotel and restaurant service, and as such, we will be extending the period of leave until January 18, 2019,” a statement from the hotel read.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, a number of hotels in the area have reported a spike in people coming in from out of state to use their hotel rooms, and hotel workers are being told to be vigilant.

“It’s definitely been a very busy day for us with all the visitors,” an employee at the Holiday Inn in Las Vegas told the Times.

“Everyone is in shock, everyone is worried.

It’s not just