Ive got a new job at the Cooper brewery

Ive had a few jobs lately. 

My old job is a beer company, but Ive been a co-founder for five years now. 

Now Ive started my own brewery, which is actually the first time Ive ever done it. 

The Cooper Brewery is in the town of Cooperstown, New York. 

It’s about an hour’s drive from the capital. 

Ive always been into beer. 

When I first started out, I was a beer drinker and had a beer garden. 

But Ive always felt that it wasnt my job to brew, Ive just been an enthusiast. 

As the years have gone by, I’ve started to realise that beer is the way I can have fun and still enjoy it.

It was an idea that came up when I was at college, when I wanted to do something different. 

We were studying a lot of the history of the brewing industry and wanted to know what the history was of the craft beer movement. 

In the end, we ended up going to breweries in the United States and they gave us samples of beer.

The one that really impressed us was one called Cooper. 

They had this beautiful brewery with an interesting history. 

One day, they wanted to open a brewery, but they were trying to find someone that could do the brewing for them. 

So we had this little tasting room and we had the first two kegs of Coopers. 

Then we were really looking for a brewery that could brew a new product and make that something people could be proud of. 

At that point, I had worked as a barista for a long time, so Ive used my barista skills to start my own business. 

From that point on, I went to work at a beer brewery in the country, and in those years Ive brewed a lot more than the Coopers I worked at in the US. 

There are so many things Ive learnt about beer and how to brew it that Ive decided to try and get my own company. 

This is what it looks like when Ive built my brewery. 

 It took me about three years to get Cooper up and running. 

A coopers tap, one of the few available in New York, on a table in the tasting room in Cooperstown. 

Source: Fever Brewery Italia, via Cafe dell’Università delle La Storia Giovanni Molto.co / Fibermedia/Flickr Coopers is one of the most famous brands in the world. 

Its in every single beer that you can buy in the supermarket, and its also one of those brands that people drink and think about for the rest of their lives. 

Some people might be drawn to it because of its history or because theyve been inspired by its flavor and aroma, but the beer itself has never really caught on in the USA. 

After years of trying to get into the US market, Coppers founder and co-owner, Bertrand LeBlanc decided to do a different kind of beer and launch his own company in New Jersey. 

He has a huge following of fans, both in New England and the United States, who want to brew the beer theyve always wanted. 

Brett Parson, a former beer blogger at The Beer Advocate and a co-author of Copper’s Guide to Brewing, wrote Co-Op’s guide to brewing beer in 2016. 

Parson wrote that the coopers were born as a small craft brewery in Pittsburgh in the 1920s, and since then have been constantly changing, creating new styles and adding new styles. 

While CoCo has its roots in the Pittsburg Brewing Co. in the 1930s, it has also had many more influences. 

“The coopers are a brand that’s been around since the 1930’s,” Parsons told Fusion in 2015. 

Co Co is based on the classic beer styles of the day, with the style names including Cooper, Coopers, and Cooperstown.

The brewery is located in a garden at the foot of the mountain, which is a long way from the capital of New York City. 

During the sales of Co Cooperstown’s Beer Guide in December 2014, the brewery announced that they were taking a shot at creatively changing the way the world drinks beer.

Source:   Finance Italiano /FlickrThe brewery has started with two different types of beer