How to use your phone as a pen (without touching the screen)

We’re not talking about a new kind of pen, though, these are actually paper-based pens, and while the process is fairly simple, the results are incredible.

First, we need to know how to turn a paper clip into a pen.

The trick is to turn the tip of a paperclip into a tiny, hard, sharp tip.

This is done by cutting the paper clip in half.

The resulting section of the paperclip has a hole in the middle.

With that hole in place, we can insert our paperclip through the hole.

The paper clip should slide into the hole with no problem, and you’ll end up with a very nice, sharp, pen tip.

Then, we’ll use a pair of pliers to cut a tiny hole in each end of the tip, and then insert our pen tip into the new hole.

This process is repeated a few times to make sure that we don’t cut through any of the surrounding paper, and it doesn’t hurt either.

Finally, we’re done.

The end result is a very small, very sharp pen tip that can be inserted easily into the pocket of your choice, and is a really good pen.

Now, you may ask, “Why not use it for writing on the Internet?”

Well, if you’ve ever written on your smartphone or tablet with your phone, you know that there’s a lot of friction involved.

To ensure that your text isn’t accidentally cut, you’ll want to put a little extra effort into the pen tip, too.

If you want to write on your iPad, or other device that you’ve never touched before, there are a few options.

You can use a stylus that is a good bit bigger than the size of your phone’s screen.

The PenPal app can create a custom stylus with the PenPal software.

PenPal can also create a styli for your tablet, but the app can’t actually create a pen that’s bigger than your phone screen.

You’ll need to make a custom pen that is roughly the size and shape of your tablet screen.

Pen-to-Pen apps have become pretty popular recently, and they can make a lot more sense for people who are trying to write with a pen than with a stylis.

One of the best ways to use a pen with a phone is to use it as a pointer.

To write with your tablet in a way that is also easy for you to use on the computer, you need to use the PenToPen app.

It will let you create a PenToPal pen and send it to your phone to use as a pencil.

Once you’ve created a PenPal pen, you can write with it by holding down the button and hitting the letter “B.”

You can also write with the pen by clicking on the PenTip icon, which is a bit of a trick.

Once the Pen Tip icon is on the screen, you’re ready to write.

Just like with a normal pen, the Pen to Pen app will create a small pen tip for you.

You should also be able to use PenToPens for writing.

While it can be very useful for those who have never written with a pencil before, it’s not very useful if you have a phone.

So, if your goal is to write using your phone and you have no experience with a digital pen, PenToPoint will be your best option.

You will need to pay a bit more to get a pen and a PenPens app for your phone.

If your goal isn’t to write, you might be better off trying the PenPents app.

You won’t have to worry about the PenPoints app getting stolen, and the apps are free.

You don’t need a pen to write in the app.

All you need is a pen, a paper, a pen clip, and a phone to get started.

But for those with a computer, PenPots might be a good option for people looking to write faster and with less effort.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re not interested in using PenToPoints, there’s also PenPoint.

It is a PenPoint app, but you can use it with your laptop and phone.

Just don’t use it on a PC.

And don’t try PenPoint if you are planning on writing on a computer.

You need a Pen to pen pen app.

If I told you you could get a PenPen app for just $2.99, you would probably think I was crazy.

But there are lots of PenPins out there, and there are some that are better than others.

Some PenPin apps are more convenient than others, and some are even free.

Some are even cheaper than other PenPines.

There are a lot to consider when choosing a pen pen.

But once you have an idea of what you want from a pen app, it will make writing a lot easier and a lot safer. If that’s