How to get into the Coopers Craft Bourbon craze

You might have seen the word ‘coopers’ on the labels of a number of brands including: Coopers,Coopers Craft,Cooper’s. 

But for some, it’s more than just the name on the bottle. 

Coopers craft whisky was created by the brothers John and Jim Coopers in 1969, and they’ve since enjoyed a successful 30-year run in Australia, including bottling at the ABC’s iconic Sydney Opera House.

Coopers launched their own brand in the 1970s, and has since become a global icon, selling over 20 million bottles and more than 200,000 whiskies.

The Coopers brand was sold to the Japanese firm Tazaki in 2001, and now, it is the world’s third largest whisky brand behind Japan’s Kirin and the UK’s Distilleries Retailers Association. 

What are Coopers craft whiskies? 

Coppers are a mash-up of the Irish and Scottish whiskies, combining ingredients from the two regions, and are also known for their distinctive colour and grainy texture. 

They are also famous for their ‘baggies’ of distilled spirits that they have marketed themselves with.

What are some of the different types of Coopers brew? 

Most of the Coppers Craft whisky is made in the Copps Brewery, but they also produce some of their own. 

It’s known for its dark chocolate, dark coffee and black tea.

Who are the Cooper brothers? 

Jim and John Coopers were born in Dublin, Ireland in 1918 and have a long history in the Irish whiskey industry. 

He started his career in the late 1970s and was a distiller in Copps, but left in 1990 to join the Coos and Jim family business. 

The brothers sold the family business in 2002 and today have more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

Jim Coopers is known for his signature ‘bagged’ whiskies and a passion for the craft of making whiskey. 

A few years ago, Jim announced plans to start his own craft brewery, making the Coopers craft whiskey.

Why would you want to drink Coopers? 

The Coopers are known for creating unique whiskies using the same traditional methods, and the spirit is often described as ‘a bit of a cross between a mason jar and a barrel’.

“They’re very different from other brands of whisky,” said Tom O’Brien, co-founder of O’Bryant, who has worked in the business for nearly 30 years.

“A lot of the time, the whisky is so sweet and floral, it goes into a really rich, dark, earthy finish that you’re missing from other whiskies.”

What about the Coomers signature style? 

A big difference is that the Cooppers make all of their whiskies with a ‘bagging’ technique, in which the barrel is covered in the same wood grain as the mash.

Tom said: “They use some special grain that is very high in protein content.

This grain adds a bit of colour and a bit more body to the whisky.”

The Coopters are also famed for using the best ingredients in their whisky, which is why Tom said: “I’m a big fan of using premium malted barley.

If I want a really premium whisky, I’ll go for something like Glenmorangie.”

What are the benefits of owning a Coopers distillery? 

“It gives you an extra element of ownership and control over the way the whisky’s made,” said John.

The Coops distillery produces up to 20 different types and blends of spirits, with many of their offerings being sold at specialty bars, restaurants and supermarkets. 

John and Jim have also launched the Cooperative Club, a website which allows customers to find out more about their business and how they can take part in the growth of the brand. 

“They really have a big appeal, and that’s one of the reasons they’re so successful,” Tom said.

For Tom, who started the Coops in 1990, the Coppys brand has always been about giving back to the community, something he says he appreciates about the family.

“They’ve built a brand, and I think it’s really important to the future of the community,” he said.

“It’s really about giving to the communities that they are serving, and helping people understand that they can actually do something with their own hands.” 

Are Coopers still producing? 

No, but the brothers are working on a new distillery. 

When will the Copperys craft whisky be available? 

It won’t be until after the Coocers end their 30-day countdown for the release of their first batch of whiskey.

“The new batch of the whisky will be in mid-2019,” said O’Brian.

So there you have it, the five best reasons you