How to be the best co-op pharmacist in the UK

Co-op pharmacies are popping up all over the country, offering the same service as traditional retail pharmacies, but at a fraction of the price.

The Co-operative Alliance of British Chemists (CAB) says it is the largest co-operative pharmacy in the country.

The UK’s biggest co-ops are now offering a wide range of products, including essential medicines and cosmetics, vitamins, and some organic products.

“We’re all very interested in the benefits of co-operatives, especially when you consider the enormous opportunity they offer for businesses that are struggling with competition,” said Stephen Davies, the Co-Op Business Association’s Chief Executive.

“So we want to encourage businesses to open up and experiment with the concept and to find out what works best for them.”

The new Co-OP Pharmacy, based in Milton Keynes, will open in the spring of 2019.

The company will be based in a renovated pharmacy on a former steelworks site that was used by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Davies said he hoped the co-owned pharmacy would be a good base to explore the coppery business, which he sees as one of the future of the industry.

Co-operators currently account for around 1.5% of the UK’s pharmacy market.

But co-operation could be a great way to diversify the industry, said Davies.

“It’s a big opportunity for businesses in the copped sector and it’s also a great opportunity for co-opers because it gives them a different brand and brand recognition,” he said.

The co-Op Pharmacy will be one of two in the city.

The other is called The Coffe Shop, which is an independent pharmacy chain in the heart of central London.

It opened its doors last year.