How do the electric cooperatives work?


— The electric cooperators of the U.S. are getting a lot of attention this year.

They are being touted as a model of efficiency, one that is being rolled out across the country, a model that has been criticized by the Obama administration.

In addition to some big names, the co-ops are doing some interesting things that have been controversial in some quarters.

Co-op founder David and Wendy Choptank, with their son Nick, are trying to change the face of sustainability.

The Choptanks are part of the coops Electric Cooperative Education Foundation.

They have been making a push to get young people interested in learning about the energy and resource economy and encouraging them to build the kind of power and energy they need to sustain a future that is not dependent on fossil fuels.

Nick Choptanes has been learning the ropes, working with his father and helping him get the word out about the new model.

Nick’s role as an organizer for the foundation has been a big step forward for the family.

He has helped raise $15,000 to fund the launch of the foundation and set up the organization.

The organization is helping to create a new platform for young people to learn about energy, the energy economy and the future of energy in the U, and a platform for cooperatives and their workers to find out how to use the power they have created and how to maximize the economic value of it.

Nick is excited about it.

He said he has been looking forward to this because he feels like a kid in a candy store, the best part about this is that it is an opportunity for him to grow.

Nick and his father talk about the cooperative work they do at the Choptansky’s power plant in Choptansville, New York.

Nick: We make all of the power and the money, all of it, right here in this building right here, and then we use it for our own benefit and for other people’s benefit.

Wendy: It is a great way for our people to work together to grow a company and have an impact.

Nick, who is in the seventh grade, is learning about how the cooperatives are created.

He is excited to learn how they operate, what they are up to and what they think about their role in the energy industry.

He even said that he is excited that he could take over his dad’s job if he is successful in building the business.

Nick told us, if I can do this, I can make this work for me and my family.

Wendy told us that they are not just looking to make money, they are also looking for people to invest in them.

This is something that is going to change people’s lives and change the way we live our lives.

Wendy said that she and her husband were going to start a co-op, and she said that they will have a “cooperative future.”

Nick said that the Chopts have decided to keep the partnership going for a few more years and that he hopes to make a business out of it by the end of this year and the beginning of next year.