How Cooperatives are changing the way we work

Cooperatives have changed the way businesses work.

From small shops to multinational companies, it’s all about people working together and sharing value.

Cooperatives can offer us a sense of community and a sense that we can really get along with each other.

But what is a co-operative?

And why should we trust them?ABC News investigates how the co-op movement is changing the workplace.ABC News:What are co-ops?

A co-operatively run business is one in which all the members of the company are co‑operators, and the company is not managed by an individual or group.

In a co‑operative, all the employees are members of a co – and they all work together on the business.

A co-owner, or co-managers, have the power to appoint or dismiss the members.

A board is also in place to ensure that all decisions are made collectively, and in the interests of the organisation as a whole.

Co-operatives have the potential to improve our workplaces and economies.

Cooperatives can help create value by providing a cooperative structure that can support and support co-workers.

This creates more jobs, improves the workplace and boosts the value of the economy.ABC news:What does it cost to set up a co–operative?ABC news explains how to set-up a co‐operative in Australia.ABC:What is co-working?ABC:Why is co‑working important?ABC’s business reporter, Ben Wilson, answers these questions.ABC’s Business in News: