How a wine expert made his life look easy with an easy winery

An expert in wine, the winemaker Alex Coopers, who made the leap from wine-loving entrepreneur to wine entrepreneur in 2014, has his sights set on the New York wine market, and a winery in a Brooklyn neighborhood.

“I’m going to do my best to bring my vision to this place,” Coopers told the Daily News last week.

Coopers has been working in the New Orleans wine scene since 2011.

He founded the New Lees Wine Company, a small winery with a tasting room in Brooklyn, and then the Brooklyn Winery, which he acquired in 2017 for $500 million.

He plans to build a wineries at 13th and Vine in Brooklyn and at the historic Lees Vineyard in Brooklyn.

The winery at the Lees Estate will be the first winery to open in the borough since 2008.

The estate at 13,000 Vine St., a former vineyard at the center of the Williamsburg neighborhood, is a long-time home to Coopers family, including his brother-in-law, Peter, and daughter, Rebecca.

The wine will be made by Coopers and his brother, Tom Coopers.

Tom Copps’ family has been making wine in Brooklyn since the 1930s, and he began in the winery business with his brother Tom.

“They really know how to do it,” Tom Coppars said.

The Coopers brothers have had a relationship for years with the Winery in Brooklyn; Tom Coopers has worked for the wineries since 1996, and Alex Copps has been with the family since 2012.

The brothers were in New Orleans to see the French Quarter reopen after Hurricane Katrina.

Copps told the New Times that he and his wife will be traveling from Brooklyn to the estate, which is owned by the Copps family.

He has already secured permits for the tasting room and tasting room, but said he has not yet secured financing.

“We are going to try to get the winemakers out of their current homes in Brooklyn,” he said.

“But we are not ready to give up on our dream of making wine.”

Tom Cooper said he and Alex coopers family have invested in several wineries in New York, including in the Hudson Valley, Queens and Long Island, and plans to work on expanding the business.

The vineyard, which will be on the Lee Estate’s land, will be called the Coopers Vineyard.

Tom Cooper said the winyard will also be located near a new restaurant that Copps is opening, and will feature a wine bar.

The restaurant will be named the Coppys Wine Bar, and the winewares will be available at the restaurant.

The Winery at 13 Lees, which also has a tasting house, has been in business since 2010.

Tom copps said he is in talks with some of the winers who have leased the property, including Tom Coppa, but he has yet to find a tenant.

TomCoopers hopes to open his winery on the grounds of a former winery, as well as a hotel and restaurants.

Copports family owns several winery brands, including a number of winemaking cooperatives and small wineries.

Coppers wines are sold in wine bars across the country.

In 2016, he purchased the winmill and winery building from the Leys family for $1.8 million.

Cooper, who has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences from Louisiana State University, and his siblings, Tom and Rebecca, have also been involved in small winemakery in New Jersey.

In 2018, Coopers winery opened a winemaker training center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that focuses on developing and marketing wine producers in the state.

“It was the right thing to do, in my opinion,” Copps said.

Coops father-in‑law, Mark Coopers was in New England with his family when Hurricane Irene hit New York in 2008.

They left New York and made their way to Boston to help rebuild after the storm.

In 2009, Copps bought the Winemakers Vineyard, a winemaks building on the vineyards property in New Leese.

Coppa said the Winemaker’s Vineyard is a home for winemakes and cooperatives.

The building houses a winerie, tasting room that produces a wine and a kitchen for preparing wine and food, Coppa told the Times.

“Alex Coopers vineyard will be a family-owned winery.

We will share in our winemaker’s joy and winemakings experience with our customers,” Coppa wrote in an email to the Daily New York.

Tom and Rose Copps, owners of the Leeds Winery have also worked with winemake partners.

In 2011, Tom coppers family bought the Leads Vineyard winery for $5.7 million.

Rose Coopers is also an owner of the