By Chris B.C.E.P.A. article Coopers Craft Brewery in Kentucky is best known for its award-winning whiskey.

But the beer has a much broader appeal than just the whiskey, with the brewery serving up a wide range of beer styles including barrel-aged beer, pale ales and lagers.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Coopers is releasing a limited edition batch of their signature Bourbon County Brewing Co. bourbon that’s called the “Bounty of the Coopers”. 

Read more: The Bounty of the coopers is brewed with oak-aged barley, rye, rye-pearl and peppercorns and aged in a traditional bourbon barrel.

The barrels are then used to make bourbon barrels.

This particular barrel has an impressive 13-year age on it, with barrels aged for just over 40 years.

The barrel will be on sale in a limited number of 750-millilitre bottles, priced at $8.95 each. 

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