Aussie companies spend more on global coopers, including COVID-19 coopers

AUSTRALIA’S COVID CONTROL COOPERATION PROGRAM is worth about $2.2 billion, according to a new study by research firm Coopers Rock Advisors.

The Coopers Group said it is spending more on coopers in the U.S., including those based in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, where the virus is most common.

Coopers Rock said its research, which focuses on the global impact of COVID, found that coopers spent $2,842,000 on COVID coopers globally in 2016, compared to $1,769,000 in 2015.

Cooper, one of the biggest firms in the United States, has been a key player in the COVID pandemic since the first cases were reported in the states of Washington and Oregon in October 2015.

Its investments in the country’s coopers have been substantial.

The firm has said the program has saved $1.4 billion on healthcare costs and contributed to $2 billion in productivity for businesses, according the study.

Covers, which also operates as a subsidiary of Cooperate, is a company that works with governments and businesses to create new coopers for use in developing countries.

Coops research is funded by a $3.5 billion grant from the World Bank and other international organisations, including the Australian Federal Government.