A Tale of Two Coopers

Two Cooper heroes are in the hospital in the next episode of ‘The Coopers,’ EW has learned.

The showrunners have not yet confirmed the fate of co-stars and co-workers Joe (David Schwimmer) and Mike (Scott Baio), and the producers are not commenting on the fate or identity of the characters, though it is clear that both are in danger of dying.

The series will take place in the same fictional town as the original ‘Coopers,’ but the town is an entirely different one, with a new, highly efficient sheriff in charge.

The story follows two Coopers, two different worlds, and two different personalities.

Aided by the Coopers’ friends, the town of Gander is the center of the action, as they investigate a serial killer (played by David Schwimmer).

The characters are divided into different roles: Joe is a tough, independent cop who has a tough job, while Mike is a co-worker who likes to help.

Joe is a cop with a reputation for being tough, but he’s not a cop for the first time in the series.

Joe is an expert marksman, and Mike has an amazing ability to read people’s emotions.

Both Joe and Mike have had a rough go of things since they joined the police force.

Both were abused by their mothers, and both are struggling with their own personal demons.

The new sheriff, Jim (Josh McDermitt), seems to be doing a pretty good job in controlling the town, but is plagued by his own personal problems.

The Coopers are all about sharing their experiences, and when a new problem pops up, the two men and their friends are forced to confront it head-on.

Joe and Mike are the only members of the group who are not working with each other.

They’re the only two cops left.

Joe, Mike, and their partner, a retired cop named Joe (Seth Rogen), are tasked with keeping the town safe, but also protecting the Coppers’ loved ones.

It’s not clear what kind of life the town will have for the rest of the series, or how much the Cooper family will be involved.

The writers have said that Joe and his family will stay in Gander, but they may be forced to move away, or may have to move on with their lives.

It will be interesting to see how the new sheriff handles Joe and the other two Coppers, as it will be very interesting to watch them interact with the town.

The episode will air on Oct. 11 at 8 p.m.

ET on Showtime.