Why the coopers are landing apartments in Denver

It’s been over a year since the coppers started renting out their first apartments.They are currently taking over a number of coops in the Denver metro area, and are looking to expand their footprint further.While they have only just started the process, coopers believe they are ready to make a […]

Coffee: A Coppin’ Coffee Company Is Already a Startup!

By Sarah VoisinAssociated PressTechnology is changing the way we live, work, and play.From the way people work, talk, and communicate to how we consume products and services, technology is transforming the way the world works.Cooperativa is an Austin, Texas-based coffee shop and bar company that has been around for seven […]

When will you pay your workers?

When will workers get paid?When you have to?When will people get paid on time?And what about those who can’t?The truth is that all of these questions have been answered for the last 40 years.But we need to take them seriously now.People are getting paid now, but they are not getting […]

How Cooperatives are changing the way we work

Cooperatives have changed the way businesses work.From small shops to multinational companies, it’s all about people working together and sharing value.Cooperatives can offer us a sense of community and a sense that we can really get along with each other.But what is a co-operative?And why should we trust them?ABC News […]

How to get electric cooperatives out of the shadow of Walmart

By LINDSEY PEDERSEN”The biggest barrier to electric co-ops and other distributed energy producers like them is government regulation,” says Michael Pappas, co-founder of Green Revolution Electric Cooperative, an electric utility in Massachusetts.“And the biggest obstacle is the cost of doing business in a world of rising prices and declining profit […]

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